Our volunteers – comprising 20 psychologists/therapists and 60 in other disciplines – are providing the following services:

1. Intervention

  • A team of Cantonese-speaking volunteers with social-work skillset and experiences from Hong Kong answers enquiries and offers help to parents whose children’s mental health is of concern. 
  • An online triage assessment and counselling service by UK registered psychologists and counsellors for the distressed children in Cantonese. The therapist/psychologist will signpost those who require further invention to the appropriate NHS service with a case report in English; and those require communal support will be referred to their local community services or NGOs.
  • Referral to Cantonese-speaking and UK registered specialists for counselling and therapy 
  • Subsidised counselling and therapy for under-privileged families

2. Education and empowerment

  • Online talks by relevant specialists on mental health issues and local supports
  • Workshops on stress and anxiety relief.
  • Chinese publications including picture books for children and parents guides on stress and anxiety caused by migration
  • A bilingual website providing information on mental health; services offered by NHS and other NGOs as well as SEN supports. 
  • Pamphlets in English to inform local teachers on the recent political and social development of Hong Kong; how these have affected the children and how they can help these students to settle in UK schools.
  • Translation for families (Cantonese/English) to support their communication with various stakeholders
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