About Hong Kong Well UK

Lion Rock is a sparsely topped mountain overlooking Kowloon – the home of many grassroots families. It is the symbol of Hong Kong, in particular its “can-do” spirit; the “source” of our team and the families we serve. We hope to offer a pool of resources for children in emotional turmoil to draw from.

Why we found Hong Kong Well UK?


Video: The source of Hong Kong Well UK (Chinese with English subtitles)

Who is Hong Kong Well UK?

Hong Kong Well UK is serving the mental wellbeing/health of children and teenagers newly migrated to the UK from Hong Kong as well as their parents in their mother tongue.  We are a registered Community Interest Company. 

It is started by three mothers from Hong Kong – two recently migrated to the UK under the BNO visa scheme and one 20 years ago.  We have 80 volunteers – comprising 20 psychologists/therapists and 60 in other disciplines – the majority of whom are also new migrants from the city. 

We are a registered Community Interest Company.  Here is our registration.

What is a community interest company?

Our trustees

Rev Kan Yu is an active Methodist minister serving in South West London and set up the Sutton HongKongers’ Fellowship in response to the influx of new HK arrivals in Sutton and nearby areas. Living in London for over 19 years, she has a vast church network in Greater London that has been proactively and busily engaging with new HK arrivals in London areas, Barnet, Sutton, Kingston-Upon-Thames and Richmond since last September 2020.

Lilian Lau is the mother of two teenage boys and a registered social worker in Hong Kong. For 20 years, she has been the teacher as well as the core member of the Pastoral Care Team of a Hong Kong secondary school. Since 2012, she also served as the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) for the school.

Shirley Yam is an award-winning financial journalist from Hong Kong.  She has served the Hong Kong Journalist Association between 2009 and 2020 as its Vice-chairperson campaigning for press freedom. Shirley is a Chevening Scholarship recipient with a master’s degree from London School of Economics and Political Affairs.

Where are we? 

Most of our services are nation wide provided through the internet.  The location of in-person therapy and counselling is depending on the availability of specialists. 

What is our safeguarding policy?

Safeguarding Policy

How to contact us? 

Fill in the form to reach our UK-based and Hong Kong-trained social workers 

Fill in the form to become volunteer

General enquiry: please email help@hongkongwell.uk

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hongkongwelluk

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