Knowing more about your students from Hong Kong

The Lion Rock – a symbol of the “can do” Hong Kong spirit – overseeing some a grassroots neighbourhood in Kowloon.

Their hometown: Hong Kong – an unlikely source of refugees

For decades, Hong Kong has been ranked the world’s freest society. The former British colony was transferred to China in 1997 under the promise of “One country; two systems” until 2046, and a “high degree of autonomy” for Hongkongers.

These promises were vital because Mainland China and Hong Kong differed in many ways, including:


• Hong Kong has a separate legal system, independent courts and a free press.


• Hongkongers enjoy internet freedom.


• HongKongers speak Cantonese, while Putonghua (Mandarin) is China‛s official language.

These all look and sound good until 2019

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