Hong Kong Well Mental Health Triage Assessment Service

It is hard to get a child to speak up. Asking them to talk about their feelings in a foreign language is even more difficult. Our team will help to overcome the language barrier by providing triage assessment for children from Hong Kong in their mother tongue – Cantonese. An English referral letter will be prepared for their parents to follow up with teachers and NHS specialists.

Our team

They are clinical psychologists, family therapists and art therapists with registration either or both in the United Kingdom and/or Hong Kong. Details of the professional qualification will be provided upon confirmation of a meeting.

Who are we serving?

Children aged under 18 of families applying for or have been granted the British National (Overseas) Visa.

How do we meet?

1-2 online session(s) lasting 60 minutes each. Most of the meetings will be conducted online in Cantonese.

How to apply

  1. Find a referrer (teachers, school nurses, Special Education Need Coordinator (SENCO) , educational psychologists, clinical psychologists, general practitioners(GP), social workers, ordained ministers or lay pastors) to fill in the referral form.

  2. The applying family should fill in the application form

  3. We will only process the application upon receiving both forms. Due to the small size of our professional team, please be patient. Emergency cases will have the priority.

  4. Sign and send us the service agreement upon receiving a confirmation email on the appointment. This must be done 24 hours prior to the appointment time.

What do we charge?

We don’t charge for the moment but we would recommend a donation of £30 so that a more members of the wider Hongkonger community can be helped by our non-profit making services. For applicants with financial pressures, please contact us. Click here to make the donation 24 hours before before the initial session. All donations are non-refundable in the event of absence without 24 hours prior notice.

Service Agreement (view only)