Fully-funded Advisory and Counselling Services for BNO Visa holding families in Greater London

The Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities and Hong Kong Well

Living in Greater London and wanting to help your children adjust to the new life? Worrying about your child’s emotional health? Looking for SEN support? We are here to help you.

The Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities have funded Hong Kong Well UK CIC to provide free advisory and counseling services for children and parents migrated from Hong Kong to the UK under the BNO Visa scheme.

Our services

1. Advisory Services

You will speak to case officers who had social work training from Hong Kong. They will provide the following:

  1. Information on local emotional health support services;
  2. A step by step guide and tips on how to reach out for help with schools
  3. Referral of children to HK Well UK triage assessment service
  4. Referral of children to HK Well UK counselling service as recommended by the assessment
  5. Contacts of Cantonese speaking therapists and psychologists
  6. Information on special education needs (SEN) support in Greater London Area

2. Triage emotional health assessment and counselling

Registered psychologists, therapists and counsellors based either in the UK will provide the following:

  1. Triage Assessment: One online session to assess whether the children need counselling or intervention.
  2. Counselling Services: A maximum of six sessions of online counselling or therapy for the children. The clients may be referred to other local organisations or further services by HK Well UK upon completion.

Our charge

Advisory ServicesFree
Triage Emotional Health AssessmentFree upon recommendation by our case officer and the provision of address proof to show the applicant.
Counseling/Therapy ServicesFree upon recommendation by our specialists after assessment and the provision of address proof to show the applicant. Address proof includes utilities bill, letters from the council and bank statements.

Who can apply

  1. Hong Kong migrants under the BNO Visa scheme
  2. Children in need aged above 16 and below 18; or parents of children aged below 18
  3. Residents in the Greater London Area:

To confirm whether a residence is within the Greater London Area, an applicant can refer to this postal code map or input the postal code in this website. If no result can be found, the residence is not within the area and the applicant is not eligible to the funded scheme.

Service Duration: Ending 31/3/2024

The application will ask for the following information:

  • The area the applicant is living in
  • Basic information of the child in need(age, gender and school year)
  • What is the concerns shown by the child?
  • How has the child’s behaviour or emotions changed since coming to UK?
  • How is the child’s relationship with family including those in the UK and Hong Kong?
  • How is the child doing in school?
  • How’s the child’s relationship with friends in the UK and Hong Kong?
  • Has the child or the parent ever sought help from school/family doctor/government doctor/social services?
  • What kind of help is the applicant expecting from HK Well UK?
  • Is the child of special education needs eg ASD?

For other enquiries, please mail: help@hongkongwell.uk