Hong Kong Well UK Launches New Initiative in Kent

“Hong Kong Well UK – Kent County Counselling Enquiry Service”

In supporting young migrants from Hong Kong to secure mental wellbeing & smooth integration into their UK life.

As part of the Regional Voluntary Community Social Enterprise (VCSE) Grant Scheme, Hong Kong Well UK has entered into a partnership with Kent County Council (KCC) in Jan 2023 for a six-month project to serve the new migrant families from Hong Kong with children facing adaptation challenges towards their new life in the UK.

Under the Partnership, Hong Kong Well UK will line up support to the families in need by stepping up free advisory and counselling services by a team of Cantonese-speaking professionals and practitioners who have social work, counselling and clinical psychology backgrounds.

Currently, more than 600 Hong Kong families have settled in Kent and Medway under the Hong Kong BN(O) visa route. The trend is expected to continue as more Hong Kong families choose to settle in the County in the coming days. KCC’s Cabinet Member for Community and Regulatory Services, Mike Hill, said “I am delighted that Kent County Council, working in partnership with the South East Strategic Partnership for Migration (SESPM), has been able to support this very important initiative. Supporting Hong Kongers moving to Kent under the Government scheme then to integrate into their local community is something we have been working on for over a year now, and I am especially proud of this targeted support for young Hong Kongers.”

Resettling in a new country is stressful. It can be even tougher for youngsters. Aside from the interrupted relationships they’ve enjoyed before moving abroad, they also face difficulties in adjusting to the new environment, language, culture as well as a different curriculum in school.

Rev Kan Yu, Founder and Trustee of Hong Kong Well UK said, “It’s exhausting mentally and emotionally to deal with the big changes all at one time. Some students have since developed behavioural and emotional issues across home, school and social life.”

According to Hong Kong Well UK, some families have called out urgent needs to receive help and advice from counsellors who can speak their language, share their culture and background, and are able to help effectively bridge their needs to the right resources within the local system.

“Our service will serve as an intermediate relief for the struggling families. They can reach us for advisory service covering a broad range of topics – including mental/emotional distresses, school & social life integrations, and enquiries over special education needs/school placements. Thanks to our versatile professional team. We look forward to serving and supporting our fellow Hong Kongers with professional assessments and consultations, and connect their needs to the local resources in local lens and expertise,” Rev Yu added. 

Go-Live now! “Hong Kong Well UK – Kent County Counselling Enquiry Service”

A bespoke Counselling Enquiry Service is open to the Hong Kong migrant families who seek mental wellbeing support for their children in the Kent County. To learn about our scope of services, please click here for details. If you want to apply for the service, please fill the service request form and our advisor will be in touch. For other enquiries, please mail: help@hongkongwell.uk

Featured Events for Teaching Staff, Parents and Children

In the upcoming months, HK Well UK will bring a few on-site/online events to the Kent community, including teaching staff, parents and their children events. Details will be announced in due course.

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