家長靜觀8週線上課程 教養孩子總是充滿挑戰,縱然生活環境優美又寧靜,但我們在親子教養過程中總有無數的猴子在內心鮮蹦亂跳,新移民的我們,教養孩子的同時又要兼顧家務事,更有不少的新環境新文化要耗心耗力去適應。我們的思想、情緒被擾亂,我們的步伐也凌落無序。《家長靜觀8週線上課程》為大家提供另一視野,學習安靜內心,重拾初心靜靜觀看孩子與自己,增進教養的融和與開闊;打開對自我的認識與包容,減少關係的衝突,陪伴孩子與自己走過這珍貴的階段。 ✽詳細課程內容及報名方法請參閱宣傳海報✽ 費用全免 報名連結:

Counseling and Therapy

When children experience emotional distress, appropriate counseling and therapy can help them overcome their difficulties. We provide two type of services: (1) counselling or therapy offered by our professionals for free or with subsidies, and (2) referrals to other professionals and institutions.

Both of these services require consultation with our advisors with  social worker training and a triage mental health assessment conducted by our specialist to determine:

  • Whether the child requires counselling or therapy?
  • What type of counselling or therapy is needed?
  • Whether it is suitable for us to follow up or refer to other institutions?

If the assessment results indicate a need, the child will be directed to:

1. Our Counselling and Therapy Services


4-8 sessions of counselling or therapy, primarily conducted through online meetings, while in-person sessions will depend on the availability and location of relevant specialists.

Service Providers

Registered clinical psychologists, art therapists, drama therapists, play therapists, and counsellors based in the UK.


Subject to an eligibility test, clients will receive free or subsidised services as follows:

PlanEligibility criteriaFeeDetails
Greater London government-funded servicesResides in Greater London;
Children in need aged below 18; and
BNO Visa holder
FreeKnow more and/or apply
Donation-funded servicesSatisfy our asset mean test;
Children in need aged below 18; and
BNO Visa holder
Free or subsidised depending on the amount of family assetKnow more and/or apply

2. Referral to Third-party Services

In the following situations, our organization will make referrals to the NHS, non-governmental organizations, or private practicing professionals:

  • When the child’s condition requires long-term follow-up or medical treatment.
  • When the family’s assets exceed the financial threshold set by our mean test.
  • When the family resides in an area that does not fall within the government-funded service region.

For cases that require referrals, our organization will provide the following support:

  • A referral letter written in English by our specialists
  • Follow up by our advisors with social worker training
  • The contact list of UK-based clinical psychologists, therapists, and counselors from Hong Kong, all of whom are in private practice


We are training local professionals to better understand Hongkongers

We are training local professionals to better understand Hongkongers We are please to announce Thrive LDN‘s commissioning of Hong Kong Well UK CIC and WAVE Trust to provide trauma-informed raining for teachers, NHS staff and social workers to improve their understanding of Hongkongers. We sincerely hope that a good mutual understanding will enhance the integration […]

Fully-funded Advisory and Counselling Services for BNO Visa holding families in Greater London

The Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities and Hong Kong Well

Living in Greater London and wanting to help your children adjust to the new life? Worrying about your child’s emotional health? Looking for SEN support? We are here to help you.

The Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities have funded Hong Kong Well UK CIC to provide free advisory and counseling services for children and parents migrated from Hong Kong to the UK under the BNO Visa scheme.

Our services

1. Advisory Services

You will speak to case officers who had social work training from Hong Kong. They will provide the following:

  1. Information on local emotional health support services;
  2. A step by step guide and tips on how to reach out for help with schools
  3. Referral of children to HK Well UK triage assessment service
  4. Referral of children to HK Well UK counselling service as recommended by the assessment
  5. Contacts of Cantonese speaking therapists and psychologists
  6. Information on special education needs (SEN) support in Greater London Area

2. Triage emotional health assessment and counselling

Registered psychologists, therapists and counsellors based either in the UK will provide the following:

  1. Triage Assessment: One online session to assess whether the children need counselling or intervention.
  2. Counselling Services: A maximum of six sessions of online counselling or therapy for the children. The clients may be referred to other local organisations or further services by HK Well UK upon completion.

Our charge

Advisory ServicesFree
Triage Emotional Health AssessmentFree upon recommendation by our case officer and the provision of address proof to show the applicant.
Counseling/Therapy ServicesFree upon recommendation by our specialists after assessment and the provision of address proof to show the applicant. Address proof includes utilities bill, letters from the council and bank statements.

Who can apply

  1. Hong Kong migrants under the BNO Visa scheme
  2. Children in need aged above 16 and below 18; or parents of children aged below 18
  3. Residents in the Greater London Area:

To confirm whether a residence is within the Greater London Area, an applicant can refer to this postal code map or input the postal code in this website. If no result can be found, the residence is not within the area and the applicant is not eligible to the funded scheme.

Service Duration: Ending 31/3/2024

The application will ask for the following information:

  • The area the applicant is living in
  • Basic information of the child in need(age, gender and school year)
  • What is the concerns shown by the child?
  • How has the child’s behaviour or emotions changed since coming to UK?
  • How is the child’s relationship with family including those in the UK and Hong Kong?
  • How is the child doing in school?
  • How’s the child’s relationship with friends in the UK and Hong Kong?
  • Has the child or the parent ever sought help from school/family doctor/government doctor/social services?
  • What kind of help is the applicant expecting from HK Well UK?
  • Is the child of special education needs eg ASD?

For other enquiries, please mail:

Hong Kong Well UK Donation-funded Counseling Service/Therapy

All applicants will be subject to an asset mean test to access the subsidised / counselling services/therapy which is funded purely by public donations. After the applicant submits an application, his or her child in need will undergo a mental health triage assessment and asset review. Eligible children and adolescents will be provided with free or subsidised counselling services/therapy. The details are as follows:

Service Provider

Registered clinical psychologists, therapists, or counsellors located in the UK or Hong Kong.

Service Format

Counselling or therapy conducted mainly through video conferences. In-person services will depend on the availability of the specialists.

Number of sessions

4-8 sessions depending on the conditions of the child in need

Service Fee

CategoryFinancial condition of the applicantService providerFee per session (approximately 45 minutes)
Free subsidised servicesFamily asset lower than the floor thresholdClinical Psychologist/
Therapist/ Counsellor
Partly subsidised servicesFamily asset above the floor threshold but below the ceiling thresholdClinical PsychologistGBP40 (Other services such as written report excluded)
TherapistGBP30(Other services such as written report excluded)
CounsellorGBP25 (Other services such as written report excluded)

Eligibility Criteria

Parents of children aged below 18 or children aged 16-17 can apply but they must satisfy ALL of the following conditions:

  1. BNO Visa holder or their dependent
  2. Assessment by specialists from our organisation indicates a need for counselling/therapy for the children; 
  3. Pass the family asset mean test;
  4. The council tax band of the family’s residence falls under categories A, B, C, or D
  5. The family should own no more than one property worldwide. 

Family Asset Mean Test

The asset thresholds employed in this test is referenced on maximum income thresholds employed by the UK government in its free school meal eligibility assessment for households with no recourse to public funds including those holding BNO visa. 

Family asset thresholdFamily conditionFamily saving(GBP)Eligible services
Floor thresholdFamilies outside of London with 1 child<136,200Full subsidised services
Families outside of London with 2 or more children<157,800Full subsidised services
Families within London with 1 child<187,200Full subsidised services
Families within London with 2 or more children<208,800Full subsidised services
Ceiling thresholdFamilies outside of London with 1 child<181,600Partly subsidised services
Families outside of London with 2 or more children<210,400Partly subsidised services
Families within London with 1 child<249,600Partly subsidised services
Families within London with 2 or more children<278,400Partly subsidised services

Application Procedure:

  1. Fill out the advisory service application form
  2. Our volunteers with social workers training will contact the applicant to understand their situation and determine whether a referral for the triage assessment service is necessary.
  3. If deemed necessary, the applicant needs to fill out the application form for the triage assessment service.
  4. The applicant must also submit the following documents:
    • Signed service agreement for the Triage Assessment service
    • Proof of the child’s age such as birth certificate
    • Bank statements of both parents for the last three months. In the case of single-parent households, only the bank statements of the custodial parent are required (bank statements from online banks like Revolut, Monzo, etc. are not accepted)
    • Proof of Council Tax payment
  5. Children of families that have satisfied the asset mean test will be arranged for assessment.
  6. If the assessor finds intervention necessary, he or she will recommend the required number of counselling sessions and the type of professional intervention to Hong Kong Well UK for the final decision. We will assign the appropriate specialists to provide the counselling/therapy.
  7. We will discuss the counselling/therapy arrangement with the parents and children in need if aged over 16.
  8. The applicant or their parent for those aged 16-17 is required to sign the counselling/therapy service agreement and pay the fees (in the case of partly-subsidised services) within 48 hours before each counselling session.

Applicants must ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of the submitted information. False declaration would result in the immediate termination of services and other appropriate actions.

~~~ End ~~~


Hong Kong Well UK Launches New Initiative in Kent

“Hong Kong Well UK – Kent County Counselling Enquiry Service” In supporting young migrants from Hong Kong to secure mental wellbeing & smooth integration into their UK life. As part of the Regional Voluntary Community Social Enterprise (VCSE) Grant Scheme, Hong Kong Well UK has entered into a partnership with Kent County Council (KCC) in […]


移英港人家長關注學童情緒問題 創立「英國心泉」組織提供支援服務 與孩子同行逾越障礙

移英港人家長關注學童情緒問題 創立「英國心泉」組織提供支援服務 與孩子同行逾越障礙 節錄自明報周刊 「我哋係咪唔會再返香港?」「點解我哋要嚟呢度生活?」 以上種種,在成年人的腦海中可能也未有完美答案,跟隨家人離鄉別井的孩子們,難免有同樣疑問。 港人選擇到他國落地生根各有因由,不少家庭到埗後亦需要面對住屋、就業、子女就學等迫在眉睫的事情;成年人為生活奔波同時,移民子女的情緒健康亦值得受關注。

Hong Kong Well Mental Health Triage Assessment Service

It is hard to get a child to speak up. Asking them to talk about their feelings in a foreign language is even more difficult. Our team will help to overcome the language barrier by providing triage assessment for children from Hong Kong in their mother tongue – Cantonese. An English referral letter will be prepared for their parents to follow up with teachers and NHS specialists.

Our team

They are clinical psychologists, family therapists and art therapists with registration either or both in the United Kingdom and/or Hong Kong. Details of the professional qualification will be provided upon confirmation of a meeting.

Who are we serving?

Children aged under 18 of families applying for or have been granted the British National (Overseas) Visa.

How do we meet?

1-2 online session(s) lasting 60 minutes each. Most of the meetings will be conducted online in Cantonese.

How to apply

  1. Find a referrer (teachers, school nurses, Special Education Need Coordinator (SENCO) , educational psychologists, clinical psychologists, general practitioners(GP), social workers, ordained ministers or lay pastors) to fill in the referral form.

  2. The applying family should fill in the application form

  3. We will only process the application upon receiving both forms. Due to the small size of our professional team, please be patient. Emergency cases will have the priority.

  4. Sign and send us the service agreement upon receiving a confirmation email on the appointment. This must be done 24 hours prior to the appointment time.

What do we charge?

We don’t charge for the moment but we would recommend a donation of £30 so that a more members of the wider Hongkonger community can be helped by our non-profit making services. For applicants with financial pressures, please contact us. Click here to make the donation 24 hours before before the initial session. All donations are non-refundable in the event of absence without 24 hours prior notice.

Service Agreement (view only)